Plague Tuta Absoluta


Insecticide with no security period against TUTA ABSOLUTA plague.

Information about TUTA ABSOLUTA (tomato, potato...)

AGRARES ENGORDE : Cell multiplier to increase size of fruits and sugar content. Contains phytohormones (auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins) and vitamins.

New Insec STOP 1 + 2: Isecticide against tryps, white fly, red spider and nouns. Non residual. Organic. Made with vegetal extracts.


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Welcome to AGRARES !

AGRARES iberia SL is a spanish joint venture between different companies, with a high knowledgment on special fertilizers, manufacturing process, international demmands and registration procedures.

We are very well situated with a central office near Barcelona and a store in La Rioja.

AGRARES comercialises a full range of solid and liquid fertilizers as you can see in our catalogue. These are all products which allow to adjust the needs of each crop at the correct moment.

We are allways searching for innovating products, enviromentaly friendly with the higuest quality you will find at international level.

Actually we are searching for new distributors to cover different countries we want to export soon. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us. We will be happy to receive your questions.